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Brooklyn Heights in Bulacan is known as an affordable housing development by New Apec Homes. However, it does not mean that you should compromise when it comes to the facilities and amenities that you can enjoy. All residents of this development can find the same basic modern amenities that you would expect in a more expensive development. This long list of amenities available at Brooklyn Heights will therefore add more value to your investment.

First off, this real estate housing development features an entrance gate and a guard house. This is a simple facility that protects the privacy of the residents within the subdivision. In addition, it also ensures the safety and protection of the homeowners. The entire development is also protected by a perimeter fence to prevent access to the property. When it comes to leisure and recreational facilities, there are also plenty of those to choose from. It starts off with the multi-purpose hall. This can serve as a venue for important gatherings among homeowners, or can be used as a function venue for special occasions.

Another leisure facility available within this housing development is the children’s playground. For families raising their kids in this residential community, you can encourage your kids to play outdoors and stay active by going to the playground. This is a kid-safe zone that is suitable for kids of all ages. Aside from the playground, there is also a basketball court within the subdivision. This court is available for all residents to use.

The list of amenities offered by this development does not end in this list. There are also several basic amenities that are incorporated into the development of the entire subdivision for the convenience of every homeowner. A centralized water supply is one of them. This is designed to ensure that every house gets to enjoy clean and fresh water that is easily accessible. Meanwhile, the entire subdivision is built with concrete roads, gutters and curbs. Finally, it is made with an underground drainage system. This will ensure that rain water will flow properly and will not flood the streets, especially in instances of heavy rain.

Every home in Brooklyn Heights is also built with the highest specifications and amenities, which is above par from other low-cost developments. For instance, every home is built with a long span colored roof with steel framing. Meanwhile, all bathroom floors and walls are finished with tiles. The townhouses are also built with steel casement windows. On top of these, all water and plumbing fixtures and pipes, as well as the electric fixtures are available for connection once residents move in. 

  • Entrance Gate & Guard house
  • Multi-Purpose Hall
  • Playground
  • Basketball Court
  • Centralize Water Supply
  • Concrete Road, Curbs & Gutters
  • Undreground Drainage System
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Whether it is a practical amenity, or one that is designed to improve the quality of life among the residents, Brooklyn Heights has you covered. For the cost of owning a home in this subdivision, all of these leisure and recreational amenities are already bonuses. Every housing unit is already equipped with the modern amenities that you would expect to find in a home well above this price point.

Housing Specifications:

  • Long Span Colored Roof
  • Steel Roof Framings
  • Tiled Bathroom
  • Steel Casement Windows
  • Complete Toilet & Bath
  • Complete Electrical Wiring and Fixtures
  • Complete Water/Plumbing Pipes & Fixtures
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